Summary Of the Toltec Civilization:
   Tolecs are from mid-mexico and are a powerful civilization that have influenced others. Such as Guatamla and Yucatan Pennisula. The Toltecs were around 900B.C to 1200 B.C

Mayan Timeline :

    The Toltecs gave some guidence to Guatalmala and Yucatan Pennisula to be a prospering society. Toltecs have developed unique Art sculptures. The sculpture's are often looked at and copied.
Simularites and differences between Toltecs and Modern day People:
      The Modern society  and the Toltecs have city life , Religion and concept of time and common. And the different thing that the Toltecs do is Language, Leisure Time, Social Classes, Concept Of Time, Self Reflection and Specialization of Work.
Tula The Place Where Toltecs Originated : 
Tula is the place where the Toltec civilization is located
Would I live with the Toltec Civilization?
      I think this civilization could be fun with the power and making art I would be well pleased to live with the Toltec civilization. This civilization would help me develop battling skills and art. But also see how the ancient people lived and cooked .
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Ancient Mexico Civilizations/ Toltecs to Aztecs :
        Toltec civilization strength"s and weakness's:
Toltec Building
       I think this civilization's weakness is social skills that lack there of because they were dominate but could have communicated and things could have been better. Some of their strenghts is language, religion and technology. These were their strengths because they planned out what they were going to do next.
Toltecs 8/10 Elements Of Reasoning:
1. Toltecs have a small but good government. Their government is mainly  divided into one section men they choose what goes on . But the women have their own thing they do each day.
2. Toltecs during their CityLife work on buildings. The Toltecs use their tools to build statues. And some shelter structures.
3. Toltecs speak the Uto- Aztecan Language. This Language is deprived from the Aztec Language.The Toltecs use this language to make their society able to communicate with one another. This Language was used back then but you may know its not spoken any  more.
4.  Many of the Men in the civilization practicing battling skills/strategies. These battling skills have helped them invade other civilizations. But the should have learned to communicate more.
5. Toltecs developed Technology such as Pyrimids , Templels and Statues. Those technologies have helped the Toltecs in their daily lives. The technologies helped them create and protect things from the past.
6. Toltecs make lots of art and their Leisure Time. The art has been copied or stolen by other civilizations. Art for this culture was a way to be recognized but create something symbolic.
7. Toltecs social class is mainly divided into sections ( Men & Women). The women tended to the children and watching things back in the civilization. The men went out and looked about and battled among other things.

8. Toltecs have very high thing of their civilization. They mostly think that the civilization is prospering but its due to their planning. The civilization has took territory they wanted to have more power.

Toltec Art: