Toltec Statue:




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Toltecs are a indian civilization that had exercized political domination in central Mexico from 900 A.D to 1200  before Aztecs. The greatest figure in Toltec history is Ce Acatl Topiltzin  founded the land of Toland in the second half of the 10th century.Their influence reached  Yucatan and the land of Guatemala.
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This  video showed me some of the Aztec ruins.
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This book shared with me that the Toltecs were very dominate between 900 A.D until 1200 A.D. And Toltecs built their civilization where now lies the city of Tula de Allende. And the Toltec Indians influenced the Maya indians and the Yucatan Peninsula
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This website shared with me ancient civilization's in Mexico and it showed me the timeline of the Toltecs.
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This website showed me an image of the toltec statues.
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The toltecs are know for there great art and other cultures have stolen there art.
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